By cooking your own food, you can shop for your own fresh ingredients and know that they are from a good source, and you can adjust the dish to your own taste.

Many dishes served in a restaurant is actually very simple to make even at home.  So why not try cooking them yourself?



Growing your own food is fulfilling because you get to see them grow from seed and enjoy your produce.  It is also good for your health because you know where your food comes from and clean from harmful chemicals. 

Having a backyard farm is nice.  But now that I am living in a city, I start learning farming by renting a small plot of rooftop farm.  And here is a record of some of the little things on the farm.

Farming Diary


From making jewelry, to sewing, home decor, you will be amazed by how many different things you can make by just your own hands.

While technology brings us convenience, you can buy a lot of mass-produced and cheap merchandise.  We cherish them less and can easily replace them with another one. But what’s the fun or even beauty in that all of them look the same and without human touch?  

Even technology are moving towards “artificial intelligence” and try to mimic human, sometimes the “imperfectness” of human touch maybe what makes things perfect that machines can’t do.  So why not use your own hands as human being yourself and accomplish what you are supposed to be capable of?

Craft Tutorials






2020 Winter – White Radish (Harvested)

  The growing record (Updated 2020-10-11) We sowed white radish seeds today.  The white radish would grow long, both into the soil and up above the soil surface. But if the radish is exposed to sunlight and turns green, it will become fibrous and not tasty. That’s why we dig some ditches to plant the […]


How to make Glass Bead Cufflink

We’ve used fabric covered buttons to make stud earrings for the girls.  Let’s make something for the boys today.


Guide to Choosing Bow Tie Hardware

Traditionally bow tie is an accessory for men with a classy feel.  But in recent days, it is getting more casual and in fact babies, toddlers, kids and even women can wear bow ties and with style. And talking about the texture of bow ties, besides traditional fabric like silk and cotton, people are also […]


How to make Fabric Covered Cufflink

  We’ve used fabric covered buttons to make stud earrings for the girls.  Let’s make something for the boys today.


How to make Fabric Covered Stud Earrings

Now that you know how to make Fabric Covered Buttons, we are going to use it to make a variety of accessories. The first to come is Fabric Covered Stud Earrings.


How to make Fabric Covered Button

Fabric covered button is super useful. By using it as it is, you can customize your garments. And with some creativity, it can be used to make a vast variety of accessories. Earrings, cufflinks, bobby pins etc. And most importantly, once you’ve got all supplies ready, it is unbelievably easy to make your own fabric covered button – it just takes like 10 seconds to make one!