About Me

Hi! First of all, thanks for visiting my blog!

I am Key, living in Hong Kong with my husband and shiba dog.

I love handmaking things and started handmaking since teenage.  Besides ceramics, I also enjoyed making little accessories.  I do that mostly for my loved ones and myself.  Here in this blog, I share with you the things I made or dishes I cooked and most importantly, how to make them 🙂  Hope I could do a little something through this blog to give you craft ideas, or inspire more people to appreciate handicraft, and see the value of it over the cold factory-made merchandise and fastfood culture.

Hope you’ll enjoy my blog and please share your experience with me too!

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I also own some online shops and websites and you can find information below.


Online shop selling craft materials 

@KEYHandmade    @KEYHandmadeHK

@KEYHandmade @KEYHandmade



Online shop selling papercraft materials

@circletape     @circletape   @circletape




Online shop selling the ceramic works I made


@ceramicsbykey    @ceramicsbykey







Reshipy directory website for finding and sharing recipes