Traditionally bow tie is an accessory for men with a classy feel.  But in recent days, it is getting more casual and in fact babies, toddlers, kids and even women can wear bow ties and with style. And talking about the texture of bow ties, besides traditional fabric like silk and cotton, people are also making bow ties using various materials like knitting yarn, leather, or even wood and paper!

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Bow tie is not difficult to sew, and it is a small project (I like small projects because I can see the result very quickly).  So bow tie might be a good choice for your next sewing project!


To make a bow tie, you will most likely need bow tie hardware to go with it.  It was confusing to me in the first place which type of hardware I should choose or whether I actually needed one, but there wasn’t really much discussion on the internet about this.

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So I have recently written a blog post for KEY Handmade about how to choose the right bow tie hardware based on my experience.  If you are interested, take a look at the post here!

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Feel free to share with me your views too!

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