IMG_6400aHello there!!  So here we go — our first craft tutorial blog post! 😀

To start off our tutorial blog section, I am gonna go for something really easy, and something you can actually use (well yes… I am more of a “realistic” person and enjoy more working on something use-able). We are going to make some fabric covered buttons!

Fabric covered button is super useful.  By using it as it is, you can customize your garments.  And with some creativity, it can be used to make a vast variety of accessories.  Earrings, cufflinks, bobby pins etc.  And most importantly, once you’ve got all supplies ready, it is unbelievably easy to make your own fabric covered button – it just takes like 10 seconds to make one!

In this tutorial, I first use pusher and mold kit to make the button.  And then I will show you how to make the button without the kit.  You will see the kit turns a 2-minute work to just 10 seconds!  So why not use it!

That said, I think the template (kind of like a plastic “pattern”) currently being sold in the market is useless though, because it is expensive but all you need is just a circle… To make the pattern, simply use a compass to draw the circle on a cardboard (or print the pattern below), cut it out, and there you are!

Supplies you’ll need (WITH pusher and mold kit method):

(Clicking on the item will bring you to where you can buy it)


  • Your favorite piece of fabric (I used fabric in “Twilight” Quarter Fabric Pack in this tutorial) — I do not recommend using heavy weight fabric though.  And for size, you just need a small circle of fabric.  So basically you can do it with leftover scraps from other sewing projects.     Here is the approximate size of fabric you need for each size of button:
Size of button Diameter of fabric Pattern in pdf
(Print with “Actual Size” to get the correct dimension)
(i.e. size 20 or 1/2 inch)
 30mm  Pattern for 12mm covered button
(i.e. size 24 or 5/8 inch)
 33mm  Pattern for 15mm covered button
(i.e. size 30 or 3/4 inch)
 40mm  Pattern for 18mm covered button
(i.e. size 36 or 7/8 inch)
 45mm  Pattern for 22mm covered button
(i.e. size 45 or 1 1/8 inch)
 60mm  Pattern for 27mm covered button
(i.e. size 60 or 1 1/2 inch)
 65mm  Pattern for 38mm covered button


Step by step (WITH pusher and mold kit):

IMG_6395eCenter the fabric on the mold, right side facing down and put the cover button shell on top.  Push the cover button shell into the mold.

IMG_6396eYou can check whether the fabric is positioned correctly.  If not, pull it out and start over again.


Push the sides of the fabric into the shell and cover with the back of the cover button.

IMG_6399Use the pusher to push the button back into the shell.

IMG_6400You’ve made a fabric covered button!

Supplies you’ll need (WITHOUT pusher and mold kit):


Step by step (WITHOUT pusher and mold kit):

IMG_6402eIMG_6403Sew a running stitch around the fabric

IMG_6404Put the button shell on the wrong side of the fabric.

IMG_6406Pull the thread so the fabric wrap around the button shell.

IMG_6407Push the button back into the shell.

IMG_6408You’ve made another fabric covered button!

Now that you’ve made fabric covered button, you can use your creativity to make more pretty things!  Here are some examples of accessories you can make:

Hope you like our tutorial!  Feel free to share your thoughts with us and let us know your comments 🙂 See you next time!

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