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Rooftop farm:
Six farms 60cm x 90cm x 60cm

My Farming Diary

I once did some balcony “farming” at home and grew some veggies from pot, and found it so rewarding to be able to grow things that you can eat.

Some years ago I rented a rooftop farm and learnt about farming.

Here I recorded some of my farming experiences and also the dishes I made out of my produce.



2020 Winter – White Radish (Harvested)

  The growing record (Updated 2020-10-11) We sowed white radish seeds today.  The white radish would grow long, both into the soil and up above the soil surface. But if the radish is exposed to sunlight and turns green, it will become fibrous and not tasty. That’s why we dig some ditches to plant the […]