The growing record

(Updated 2020-10-11)

We sowed white radish seeds today. 

The white radish would grow long, both into the soil and up above the soil surface. But if the radish is exposed to sunlight and turns green, it will become fibrous and not tasty. That’s why we dig some ditches to plant the seeds, so when it pops up it’s head, we can cover it with soil. 

(Updated 2020-10-18)

So the typhoon has come and gone. Luckily the white radish seeds are ok and the little leaves have popped out from the soil. 

We have also sown seeds for Japanese round white radish (聖護院) today.

The birds are a big problem recently.  They are so hungry they eat not only the worms but also all leaves popping out of the soil.  So we have no other way but cover all our plots in net. 




The Chinese white radish is growing well and strong.

(Updated 2020-11-29)

The pest problem of our cabbage is so serious that it spread to the white radish which is next to it. We have to throw away a few of the white radish to stop the spread 🙁

(Updated 2020-12-12)

The radish is popping their head out from the soil but still bit too “slim”. Ready to be harvested soon!

(Updated 2021-01-09)

The radish is getting fat and ready to be harvested! 



(Updated 2021-02-15)

Japanese round radish is harvested today!  







Here are the dishes we made with our radish!


Pan seared radish steak with minced pork and salt pickled radish leave


Round radish in dashi (Japanese stock with bonito) and minced pork

Salt pickled radish leave

Stir fried white radish with minced pork and salt pickled radish leave

White radish cake


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