So the typhoon has come and gone. Luckily the white radish seeds are ok and the little leaves have popped out from the soil. 
We have sown seeds for Japanese round white radish (聖護院) today. 
The birds are a big problem recently. Our cabbage and kale seedlings were protected in the plastic rings we made but when the leaves grew bigger and extended out of the ring, they are eaten by birds. We have to remove the rings because it would limit the seedlings’ growth. So we have no other way but cover all our plots in net. 


We have planted white radish seeds today. There are two types of Chinese white radish. One is planted earlier around October (早水蘿蔔) and the other one is planted later around December (遲水蘿蔔). These are the earlier ones. 

The white radish would grow long, both into the soil and up above the soil surface. But if the radish is exposed to sunlight and turns green, it will become fibrous and not tasty. That’s why we dig some ditches to plant the seeds, so when it pops up it’s head, we can cover it with soil. 

As for our kale and cabbage seedlings, luckily they survived through the weeks’ heavy rain. But they are still flimsy. Hope they will grow strong soon!

The seedlings are not getting enough sunlight and air circulation at home. So after about 4 weeks, they’re still very small and mold starts to form on the soil… So we moved the seedlings from their pots to our rooftop farm today.

We’ve been having some heavy rain recently so we put a plastic ring (cut from bottles) around the seedlings hopefully to give them some sort of protection.

🤞🤞🤞Stay strong!

(The sun was already gone when we finished work and realised no picture was taken. So I took it in a rush catching the last glimpse of the sun light that’s why it is dark and not clear. )